Leaving Forsythe Park (by the Bike Racks/Restrooms), Monroe, La. at 8:00 a.m., Flat Course "One Hill Loop", Group Stays Together, Ride Leader is Ted Jones.


Group C - Beginner/Social Level - 10 - 14 mph pace - (social pace)

Group B - Intermediate Level - 16 - 18 mph pace

Group B + - Intermediate Level - 18 - 21 mph pace

Group A - Advanced/Experienced/Racer Level - 21 + mph pace

If you want to organize a group other than the group rides listed below, please email Liz at run4evr_99@yahoo.com, so we can add it to the email reminders and also this blog.




THIS RIDE WILL START BACK AFTER TIME CHANGE IN MARCH 6:00 p.m. The Bike Source Ride, Monroe, La. , Flat 18 miles, ALL Levels


5:30 a.m. Forsythe Park, Monroe, La. Flat, 18 miles, Interm - Exp Levels

THIS RIDE WILL START BACK AFTER TIME CHANGE IN MARCH 6:00 p.m. Start at Bowling Alley Ride, Monroe, La. 22 - 37 miles, FAST Pace, Flat Course


5:30 a.m. Start at Forsythe Park, Monroe, La., Flat, 18 miles, Interm - Exp Levels


7:00 a.m. Start at Forsythe Park, Monroe, La. Hills of West Monroe, 2 - 3 hour ride, FAST Pace "A" Riders


2011 Push America Team

2011 Push America Team
Far right side are (dressed in Blk and White) - TCC Members - Pres. Doug Harvey, Liz Rambin, Ricky Dunn and Mike McGee

Ricky Dunn leading the Push Team riders into ULM

2011 Memorial Day Mini Tri in Monroe

2011 Memorial Day Mini Tri in Monroe


Don't forget to contact us for your 2011 TCC Membership form.

Please contact Doug Harvey at doughrv@gmail.com or Mark Anyan at anyan63@gmail.com

$30 Individuals - $40 Family Memberships

Discounts will apply if you return the application early!!

Deduct $5 from fee if mailed in by Jan 31, 2011

Deduct $10 from fee if joining after July 1, 2011


Monday/Wed/Friday 5:00 a.m. Run from the ULM Nat
5 mile loop, flat on Monday and Friday with speed work on Wednesday

Following the Run there is a 1 Hour Swim

Friday Night Lights Mtn Bike Race, Forsythe Park, Monroe, La.

Friday Night Lights Mtn Bike Race, Forsythe Park, Monroe, La.
Stuart Keyes

Mass Start

Tom Baker, Terri Hayward, Mike Hayward, Tom Hammond, Tank Hill

NOLA 70.3

Congratulations to Terri & Mike Hayward, Tank Hill, Tom Baker & Tom Hammond for great finishes at the NOLA 70.3 on April 18th . Tom Hammond smoked the competition and finished in 2nd place in age group. The water was 72 degrees and very choppy which caused everybody's swim times to be a little slow. They all just finished celebration dinner at Redfish Inn...Listed below are their finishing times:

Mike Hayward - 6:41:10

Tom Baker & Terri Hayward - 6:56:11

Tom Hammond - 7:28:33...2nd in age group!!

Tank Hill - 7:29:50...way to go Tank!!

Start at The Bike Source

Delivering the toys to CASA

1/2 Marathon Results Nov 7, 2009

By: Marcus Eichhorn

Thanks to Greg White for putting on a great race.

There were over 200 people that ran this race. Several TCC members who ran this race were:

Lisa Green (1st in age)
Lia Cannon (2nd in age)
Betty Neathery (3rd in age)
Tom Hammond (1st in age)
Terry Hayward (2nd in age)
Katie Morstead (1st in age)
Jerry Kaufman
Rolf Morstead
Jack Armstrong
Mark Anyan
Mike Hayward
"Tank" Stephen Hill
Shane Hogan
Mark Johnston
Mike Mcgee
Craig Gregory

Those who helped volunteered Sondra Hart, Kathy Terracina.

If I did not list anyone please e-mail the club.

2009 TCC & Vantage Multisport Christmas Toy Ride Dec 6th

Thank you to ALL 19 riders, including Santa, that came out to support the Toy Ride this past Sunday! CASA was the charity this year and they really appreciated us donating all the toys to them.

Thank you David Boles at The Bike Source, for opening your store for all of us to enjoy a post ride social with refreshments.

Thank you Santa for being our ride leader, you did a great job!

Thank you Jack Armstrong for being our photographer!!!

Thank you TCC and Vantage for the great refreshments!

Miles Luke, Jamie Mayo, David Boles

CLUB Uniform

CLUB Uniform
front and back
We will turn in our order for fall/winter uniforms in a few days. We need to order now to make sure we receive them before Christmas!! Last order only took 4 1/2 weeks, but our cool/cold weather is already here. Please contact and pay either Leigh or myself this week. The attachment for the long-sleeve jersey is our final proof from Champion System...and it looks good!! Thanks, Jack

Longsleeve Jersey

Longsleeve Jersey

2009 Short design

2009 Short design

TIP OF THE MONTH - Stay upright when wheels touch

Source: RoadBikeRider Newsletter

Stay Upright When Wheels Touch

It's the most common cause of crashes in groups and pacelines. You overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of another rider. Then he swerves slightly to avoid a chink in the road, the wheels touch and -- boom! -- you're in a heap.

Nothing causes panic faster than that nasty whirring sound of two tire sidewalls rubbing.

But what Tour voice Phil Liggett calls "a touch of wheels" doesn't mean an automatic trip to the pavement. You can learn to avoid getting too cozy with another rider's rear rubber -- and stay upright if you do. Here's how:

Avoid overlaps. It's not necessary to overlap wheels to get a good draft. Stay in a comfort zone about one foot (30 cm) behind so small mistakes don't cause big problems. The exception is during a strong crosswind. Then the paceline will be angled across the road in an echelon, with each downwind bike overlapping the one in front. Riders must stay sharp because one wrong move can bring down the line like dominoes.

Don't panic. If your front wheel is bumped, keep your shoulders and arms relaxed. Don't freeze, don't fight the bike.
Steer into the offending wheel. This is totally counterintuitive but it's your best chance to regain balance and stay upright. Veering away is just about guaranteed to put you on the ground.

Practice. This is the key to making the above move automatic. Grab a riding buddy and head to the local soccer field. Ride behind at an easy speed on the soft grass and purposefully graze the left side of his rear wheel, then the right side.

Play on your mountain bike. A standard prank on singletrack is to rub your front tire against the rear tire of the unsuspecting rider ahead. The knobbies make a loud and satisfying buzz. Try it and you'll develop the reflexes to save your skin when your front wheel gets tapped.

Members enjoy a St. Francisville Weekend

Members enjoy a St. Francisville Weekend
Oct. 9 - 11th Rambin Bicycle Tour

TCC One Day Ride -Oct. 3, 2009

TCC One Day Ride -Oct. 3, 2009
Lake D'Arbonne State Park

Race for the Cure 2009

Race for the Cure 2009
Mark Johnston

2009 Meat Pie Tri

2009 Meat Pie Tri
Lisa, Jack, Jack, Betty

Big Dam Bridge Ride 2009 Little Rock, Ar

Big Dam Bridge Ride 2009 Little Rock, Ar
Tracy, Sondra and Mike at finish

Craig, Liz and Pierre

Lia and Jerry at a rest stop

Ethan Hogan at Race for Cure

Ethan Hogan at Race for Cure
Congratulations Ethan!!!

Amy at Race for the Cure 2009

Amy at Race for the Cure 2009
Way to go Amy!!

2009 Labor Day Mini Tri

2009 Labor Day Mini Tri
Thanks Tom Baker for photo

Cotton States Tri Updated

The weather was perfect for Cotton States Tri and we had 13 TCC members , and eight other tri-friends from the twin cities participating in this years 24th edition. TCC scored 49 points (WOW) in the regional triathlon competition at Cotton States Tri which is the largest score of the year, 7 points more than in our hometown Warhawk Tri. That is great and shows we are having fun as more members are participating in triathlons as the season is winding down. We also have a few more potential club members as they joined in on the fun we were having, and we enjoyed them joining us!! With 12 of our members earning the 49 points for TCC we also had eight members bringing home the COTTON!! That is their very unique trophies which are small cotton bales... 5 - 1st place, 2 - 2nd place, 1 - 3rd place in their racing categories. We all had a good time and worked hard, but two members I will make special mention of is Jon Gimber who placed 3rd in Clydesdale and won his 1st trophy in a triathlon and Mike Hayward that won 1st place in age and is probable our most improved triathlete of the year!!

Now for race details:

Marcus was our 1st member to finish and 4th overall in a blazing time of 1:23:43

I was in tough competition with Kathy Terracina and Lisa Green as they got out of T1 in front of me. Well I showed them male dominance on the bike for 16 of the 20 miles...then they flew by me like I was an old boyfriend!! My T2 showed them I was still in the hunt, but their run times of 90 seconds a mile faster than mine kept me in check :-(

The next close competition in the club was with Tom Baker, Tank and Betty...as they were in hot pursuit during the run leg. Tank and Betty swapped leads several times and all three finished within 21 seconds!!! It does not get much closer than that for friendly competition! !

Listed below are all of us that had fun chasing Cotton Bales!!

TCC members: Marcus Eichhorn(1st) , Mark Anyan, Wilson Barham, Mike McGee, Mike Hayward(1st) , Kathy Terracina(1st) , Jack Armstrong(2nd) , Tank Hill, Betty Neathery(2nd) , Mark Johnston(1st) , Tom Baker, Tom Hammond(1st) and Jon Gimber(3rd).

Friends of TCC: Donna Donald(1st), Lisa Green(2nd), Sonja Hickingbotton, Kristy Finley(2nd), Wanda Cummings(2nd) , Shane Hogan(3rd), Keith Babin(2nd) and Cam Douglas(1st)

With all our success lets hit the roads and bayou training and have just as good a showing at Meat Pie Tri in Natchitoches September 27th!!


Cycle Boot Camp at Lake D'Arbonne

Cycle Boot Camp at Lake D'Arbonne
Some TCC members attended the 2009 Cycle Boot Camp

Push America Pics 2009

Push America Pics 2009
Joey Terracina arrival at ULM with Push Team

Joey Terracina at Start of Push America

Joey Terracina at Start of Push America
Photo by: Kathy Terracina

Kathy Terracina escort leader Sunday morning

4th of July Mini Tri

Thanks Jack and Betty for organizing the 4th of July Mini Tri!!! We appreciate ALL your hard work!!

Thanks to Laurie, Betty and Perry for the safety patrol during the swim portion of the tri!!

Photos by Liz Rambin

Laurie safety kayak


Perry - Safety Kayak

Betty - Safety Kayak



Duckie Derby June 21, 2009 Highlights by: Jack Armstrong

Photos by The News Star

Jack Armstrong - swimmer

Tom Baker - volunteer

Swimmers - Mark Johnston, Jack Armstrong, Randy Cook, Nathan Cook

Sondra Hartt - volunteer

Photo's of One Day Natchez Trace Ride

Photo's of One Day Natchez Trace Ride
Start of Ride on June 20, 2009

Grp Headed Home

Sam Terracina - Sag Support

Headed to Rocky Springs

Jim Solley and David Boles at Rocky Springs

Mark Reeves, Sondra Hartt and David Reeves at Start in Raymond, Ms


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